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61lfTw2z1bL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ EM Cover Full-page-001 The Grief of the Madonna

Raven's Way is a cocktail of fact and fiction because the author, Vasyl Shkliar, has used authentic KGB reports to piece together the stories of the warriors who lived in underground tunnels, and whose tactics foreshadowed the Vietcong's use of subterranean passages many years later. Raven's Way grips the reader from the first page and tells the story of one of Europe's most remarkable resistance movements for the first time.

Episodic Memory is both a prose masterpiece and a vast, lyrical poem. It tells the story of a young girl growing up in a Ukrainian village and her return, as an adult, to be at her dying mother's bedside. While staying in her parents' house after the funeral she is haunted by memories of a vanished world where Gypsies sang their way over the Steppe, and the postman, a KGB informer, hurled the post at the gate-post as his wagon hurtled past.



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Cropped cover image Kaharlyk

Kaharlyk by Oleh Shynkarenko


Kaharlyk began on Facebook as a series of bulletins from an alternative reality and is written entirely in blocks of 100 words. Andrei Kurkov describes it as a 'hologrammatic' novel. The book is set in Ukraine after a war with Russia. A man regains conciousness in a mysterious hospital-like building and begins a pilgrimage to find his past. Kaharlyk has featured in Index on Censorship, The Economist and The Guardian.




Book Cover AR

Poetry ...

Night Music is a selection of Bohdan Ihor Antonych's work rendered into English. Stephen Komarnyckyj’s poetic translations of this crazy pagan poet and will captivate English readers. Kalyna Language Press are grateful to English Pen who financed the translation of this book.   Click here to read more.

He has liberated an important poetry

David and Helen Constantine

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The August Rain is PEN award winning poet and translator Stephen Komarnyckyj's first collection of original poetry.


This is a book through which memory and its voices lap like waves.  

Sean Street, Poet and BBC Broadcaster


Drawing force... from an English visionary tradition that leads right back to Caedmon , Stephen Komarnyckyj’s is a serious poetry of life’s elemental mysteries and sorrows. 

Vivek Narayanan, Poet

9780993197277-Perfect 3on 171016-Fin2-page-Front FrontCoverWarArtist


The War Artist by Maxim Butchenko


Anton Nedelkov is a miner who dreams of becoming a painter. When masked Russian special forces begin seizing control of government buildings in Donbas in 2014 he does not support them. But as his life collapses around him he joins a motley crew of ex miners and Russian mercenaries to fight against his own country. He comes under fire at Donetsk airport and sees Ukraine’s heroic Cyborg troops lay down their lives for freedom. Meanwhile, his brother, Sergei, who fled the pit to become a successful programmer in Germany, returns to Ukraine to save Anton … Can the brothers mend a family torn apart by war before one of them is killed?


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