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What is poetry? The word derives from the ancient Greek: ποιεω (poieo) to create. Some say it's a form of literature that emphasises the aesthetic qualities of language. In "The Poet's Tongue" W.H. Auden & John Garrett define it as "memorable speech". Emily Dickinson said "If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry". Here at KLP we want to help make more poets available in English. We are interested in translations from poets in languages that have rarely reached an English audience. We are also interested in English poets who write in any style and welcome submissions. Please check our submission guidelines here


We are launching our poetry series with Bohdan Ihor Antonych's Night Music (translated by Stephen Komarnyckyj) on 5 October 2016. We chose this date because it is Antonych's birthday and the book is our tribute to this great writer. Stephen Komarnyckyj's first original collection The August Rain will be published on 6 October 2016 which is #NationalPoetryDay


This is a book through which memory and its voices lap like waves. Whether it be in his own luminous writing, or through his translations and versions of others, Komarnyckyj communicates a quiet fire that is often 'stringent as redemption' demanding to be read and acknowledged, and offering profound rewards in return.


Sean Street on The August Rain


He has liberated an important poetry


David and Helen Constantine on Stephen Komarnyckyj's translations from Ukrainian


Kalyna Language Press wishes to thank English PEN who supported the creation of Night Music through their PEN Translates grant programme.

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Drawing force both from an English visionary tradition that leads right back to Caedmon and the fevered restlessness of some Slavic poetries, Stephen Komarnyckyi’s is a seriouspoetry of life’s elemental mysteries and sorrows.  


Vivek Narayanan