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The Raspberry's Eyelash


The first ever artistic translation of Tychyna's poetry in the tradition of Robert Lowell. The book's extraordinary power was noted by John Gosslee, editor of Fjords Arts and Literary Review, who said, "Komarnyckyj's attentive treatment of Tychyna's poems reads like a symphony. The transcendent ideals of a twentieth-century poet's struggle during Eastern Europe's transition into Communism are channelled through Komarnyckyj's keen ear. Tychyna's themes are adapted to an English audience through a patient sensitivity to word choice with a rhythm that makes the poems resonate long after they have been read."

Komarnyckyj's lyrical tympani portrays Tychyna's desire for peace and open criticism of a changing country's identity through a dialogue that outlines consequence and celebrates being. He succeeds in sharing Tychyna's sympathetic depth of character, while remaining linguistically buoyant. These translations skilfully embody the beauty and endurance of nature coupled with the human spirit. Prepare to be moved."

Poetry Salzburg. January 2012. 120 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-36-7